Registration & Submissions

Monologue Competition Registration

Registration Deadline: February 15, 2020

Play Submissions

It is Time To Tell Your Story

Deadline- August 1, 2019

General Submission Details

We are accepting all play genres; drama, musical, comedy, choreopoem, hip hop, etc. There are three different categories you may submit for; Main stage, Black Box or Readers Theatre. Please ONLY submit up to 15 pages of your script. The script must be original. We are focused on bringing productions that are universal, diverse, ground-breaking and has a message that can contribute to somehow making our world a better place. For our main stage we will be accepting FOUR children/youth themed productions for morning programming. All main stage and black box productions must be no longer 60 minutes. 15 minutes will be allotted for Q&A. This is a fringe festival meaning, if accepted, be prepared to take charge of getting tickets sold for your performance. ATF will of course assist in getting butts in seats but this will be a major responsibility of the producer/applicant. Producers, YOU, will receive 100% of the BASE ticket sells not including fees or festival passes. More information about categories and fees will be found on the application. We look forward to reviewing your work and having you attend our festival.

Main Stage Production

Main Stage productions are Arkansas Theatre Festival  highlights. We are seeking seasoned producers to present high quality performances with low impact set requirements.

  Main Stage – Additional Criteria: 

  • Max. Running Time: 60 mins. (no intermission)
  • The play submitted must NOT have any performances scheduled in the state of Arkansas within 3 months of the festival
  • Participation Fee for Full Performance: $1,000
  • Max Seating Capacity: 450
  • Basic Ticket Price Cap: $10-$25
  • Earning Potential @ 450 Seats: up to $TBD

  Black Box Production

  • Running Time: 60 mins. (no intermission)
  • Must meet minimum set requirements. Black Box performances are more about the actors’ words, movement and artistry; than about sets, lights, excessive props and costumes.
  • Participation Fee for each Performance: $400
  • Max. Seating Capacity: 80
  • Basic Ticket Price Cap: $10-$25

IMPORTANT NOTES: THE PRODUCER RECEIVES 100% OF THE BASE TICKET PRICE.  Festival fees and surcharges are added to the base ticket price and passed on to the patron to cover administrative costs. 

Participation is 100% at risk. Revenue potential is strictly based on marketing efforts and opportunities for sales created by you, the Producer.  

Applications MUST include ALL of the following items before being considered for acceptance:

  • Completed Application 
  • YouTube or Vimeo Video link of Performance (does NOT need to be professionally taped or edited).
  • Script in standard industry format (at min. include the first 15 pages of dialogue in pdf).  
  • DEADLINE: August 1st, 2019


This is a selection of original scripts for stage that are in various stages of development. Work that has been fully mounted or produced can also be considered for this category.  Actors are permitted to read from scripts while seated or standing.  A writers “talk back” following the presentation is required. 

Criteria for Staged Readings: 

  • Participation and Venue Usage Fees: None
  • Total Running Time:  20-30 mins depending on selection committee

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